NFT-collection of Anthony Hopkins was bought in 10 minutes

NFT-collection of Anthony Hopkins was bought in 10 minutes

The Opensea platform announced the sale of all non -replaceable tokens (NFT) from the collection of Hollywood actor Anthony Hopkins in less than 10 minutes.

Adding this Milestone to the Repertoire. Thank you, EVERYONE. Thrilling Day.
🧑🏼🚀🚀 https: // t.CO/GCX1OIPJOA

– Ahopkins.ETH (@ANTHONYHOPKINS) October 13, 2022

“I will add this achievement to the repertoire. Thanks to everyone. Exciting day, ”he wrote.

A collection called Eternal contains 1000 NFT, inspired by an actor’s many years of career. According to Opensea, at the time of writing, the volume of trading of the collection is 384 ETH (almost $ 500,000).

Anthony Hopkins is a two -time laureate of the Oscar film award (“Silence of the lamb” and “Father”) and the owner of a star on the Hollywood alley of Glory. The most famous of the roles of Hannibal Lecter, Odin („Thor”) and Robert Ford („World of the Wild West”).

Recall that Hopkins played a major role in the film “Zero Contact”, which was sold in the form of NFT as part of the premiere on the Vuele platform.

Earlier, the actor changed the displayed user’s name on Twitter to his own domain The largest network in Ethereum Name Service and asked his colleagues and rapper Snoop Dogg for the first purchase of an unexplored token.

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